Isart Digital Gameweek 2016 Isart Digital Gameweek 2016

Thor's Trial

Battle Arena
Local multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Grand Prize winner & Best Gameplay Prize

Thor's looking for his new champion. The four bravest warriors from Valhalla are fighting for a place at Asgard !

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Infiltration / Action

Best Graphics and animations Prize winner

You embody an alien worm trapped in a jar of formalin. Jailed in a laboratory, you're going to do everything possible to escape !

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Arcade / Endless Faller

Most polished game Prize winner

Follow Glagla, tiny snowflake, allong his journey to survive between hailstones and rain drops.

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Sugar fight

Battle Arena

Best Univers Prize winner

Coffee time ! Troubles ? You're a sugar, ready to be boiled to satisfie human beings. Solutions ? Fight for survival of your sugar family. May the most tasty survive !

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Platformer (Flash Game)

Theme Prize winner

You embody a tiny drop of ink that goes from leaf to leaf. Its thirst for exploration is dangerous because its path is full of obstacles and pitfalls.

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Altar, Flowers of Gods

Toss game
Play with leap motion !

Technical Challenge Prize winner

Appease wrath of gods by placing flowers on their respective altar.

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Hollow Space


A life form appeared in the galaxy. You must maintain your activity against the hazards of space !

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Random Fury

Fighting, action, platform.
Local multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Each player's character will swap randomly with another character during the game. Each character has a key move to fight. Victory conditions will aslo be available for a short periode of time.

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Cookie clicker

Just tap them all!

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Paint Again And Again And Again

Party Game

You incarnate a museum curator whose mission is to repaint the works in the gallery as they have been fading over time.

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