Isart Digital Gameweek 2017 Isart Digital Gameweek 2017

Tempête de Pestiférés

Party Game versus / Arcade
2 players

Grand Prize winner & Best Gameplay Prize

Throw your infected citizens into your opponent's city to infect their citizens. Find balance between having sick citizens to throw, and keeping healthy survivors!

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Crazy matches

Party game / Asymetrical versus
2 players

Most polished game Prize winner

Crazy Matches is a 2 player versus game. One player is a cute little match on fire. He has to run towards other matches to set them on fire as well before burning completely. His goal is to light 3 targets up (press A to change the color of the flame to see who you are). Player 2 has to extinguish the fire sources before the 3 targets are lit. He can shoot everywhere with a water gun and make smart use of the sprinklers placed around the area (use LT or RT to pum to reaload the water gun).

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One Bullet

Arena Shooter
Local multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Best Graphics Prize winner

You need to place bombs to kill your opponents. To make your bombs explode, you have to shoot them with your single bullet gun!

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A Bigger Bang


Best Universe Prize winner

Nobody really knows when or how, or why everything came to be. Somehow, something blew up and everything just happened. But what if it was thanks to you? Make elements interact with each other and watch your own universe unfold before your very eyes!

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Little Big Explosion


Theme Prize winner

Your name is John Deuf. You're locked in a stadium. You are sentenced to die. How many enemies will follow your path?

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Rhythm game

Best Sound Design Prize winner

Transcen'Dance is a 2D rhythm-game where the player embodies a famous Japanese idol who is dancing on stage. As she dances, she needs to get rid of competitors idols based on her performance. The better she dances, the more fans she'll be able to rally to help in the competition.

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Captain Focus

Action / Skill game
Play with Tobii EyeX tracker!

Technical Challenge Prize winner

A super hero have to save a civilian by creating a way out of a building full of bombs!
Use your eyes to make a way for this poor man.

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Pagaille Féodale

Board Game / Card Game
Local multiplayer (up to 4 players)

You play the lord of a medieval city. Keep your social classes balanced while destabilizing your rival's cities!

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Oppo wars

Versus / Arcade

Use magic beams and deflectors to burn your opponents during a mage war.

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Lazer Mayehm

Party game / Shooter
Local multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Shoot your opponent to win! Be careful, if you touch the crystal, your laser is splits!

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Survive the Pool!


This an interactive survival game. You can't move in real time and any obstacle might kill you in this dangerous space environment. Survive by manipulating space and time while using your special device to stop the moving objets around you.

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Beat it

Point and click

Start a bar brawl and make it get out of control without getting caught! The bigger the brawl, the better!

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Abnormal kid's Room

Puzzle Sandbox

An abnormal little girl creates her own playground universe for her dolls.
She lets her imagination torture the poor things as long as possible.
She uses her other toys as deadly traps, creating chain reactions.

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